EMAG Software
What we do
We work as software developers since 1983

We develop software solutions for Windows, Web applications and Websites

We quickly create customized solutions in order to satisfy specific customer requests

We work on new customer's projects which the customer himself remains the owner of

We guarantee immediate support and service on all our software

We produce unbelievably light and fast applications, easy to use

Our software is completely portable and it can even run on a flash drive

We provide consulting and support for software developers

AB System 2000 Accademia Naz. San Luca ACII
Agenzie Riunite All Safe Insurance Broker Allevatori della Basilicata
ASR Italia Assicura Assicurazioni Speranza
Assoc. Idrotecnica Italiana Auselda Bedussa & Partners
Biancanera BNL Bommartini Broker
Brand @gency BSA Casdic
Concorde Condogenius Condoposta
Controvento DEI Digiworks Computer
Domus Strade Econference EDIS
EffeVi Assicurazioni Elea EUR Telephone Center
Eurprogest Falco Sprint Fata Informatica
FCI Fima FiveTech Software
Fly Network Gaspodini Arti Grafiche Gemaor
Green Byte Hard Service Icone
Inno Solution Input Iona Soluzioni
IP Sys ISI Automation Ispira
Istituto Aurelia Fevola IT Consulting Le Bandiere
M.Rossi Media Vision Mister Clean
MMData Informatica MP System New Company
Next Technology Nova Systems OMP
Pasquini Sicurezza Pisterzi Magni Progetto Forum
Punto Veneto Servizi R&C Informatica RAI
RCP Informatica RP Sistemi Scuola Montesano
SIALL Sirio Socemi
Sogea Sonitex Studio CMG
Studio EDP Studio Legale Laurenti Studio Notarile Pocaterra
Studio Staff Summer Body Tecno Logica
Telecentro Telecom Italia Theorematica
Toro Assicurazioni Trionfale Unilab
 EMAG Software
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