Snake escape

Einar Saukas (2016)

Puzzle Game

Rate: 10+
This game is a little masterpiece.

It uses the now well-known Nirvana Engine to get more than the usual boring two colors for each 8x8 pixel character.

It's a puzzle game that requires a lot of thinking and tries, to find the way toward the apple that is the relished food of the nice snake we drive.

The problem is that the apple is placed in apparently unreachable places, that have to be reached by the use of the body of the snake itself, that growths after every movement, and by some objects like little crates, bombs and fungus that bring us back to the initial egg status.

Keep in mind that our body is both an aid and an obstacle because we can take advantage of it to reach higher places but we can't go through it once we move.

To complete the level just eat the apple.