Dungeons of Gomilandia

Retroworks (2020)

Puzzle Game

Rate: 10
This is a very addictive puzzle game. It consists of several rooms filled with structures built of little blocks. We control a little nice creature similar to an owl. In each room there is a key we have to grab. Once we have the key, an exit door opens allowing us to reach the next level.

The problem is that the keys and the doors are set in apparently inaccessible places, reachable only with blocks and other objects. The blocks can be picked up and dropped in a different position (we can carry one block at a time). Other useful objects we can find are crumbling blocks, moving blocks and trampolins.

Two different game modes are provided: normal (with limited time) and relaxed (without time limit and no points). Graphics are simple but very neat and colored and movements are smooth. Sounds are perfectly adequate for this game. Controls are intuitive and simple.